Vintage bus bar Launch

Deckerdence Launch Party


It’s been a month now since we saw the arrival of Deckerdence and we really wanted to do something to welcome her into the fleet. As we were all sat in the office having our usual Monday meeting, all suffering from the January blues, we decided that we needed cheering up and what better way to do then have a party!

It didn’t take much to convince Mark that launching the Coleshill Vintage Bus Bar with a party was a great idea and so the planning commenced. Mark was given the task of organising the operational elements like the heating, parking, toilets and of course, the alcohol whilst Clare and myself looked after the finer details like the entertainment, catering venue dressing, and of course inviting the guests.

It was an easy decision as to whom we would speak to provide the flowers. Penny Johnson Flowers based in Coleshill supply flowers to some of the most popular wedding venues in Warwickshire. Penny and the team do the most amazing displays and luckily for us, Penny was more than happy to get involved and had some great ideas and she loves Deckerdence just as much as we do.

Then it on to the catering … we decided to approach Just Made caterers in Birmingham as they had come highly recommended. We went to visit Mo and Frances to discuss menus and they even treated us to an impromptu menu sampling consisting of some delicious Brie and Cranberry Wontons, Smoked Salmon Bilinis, Coconut Prawns and some delicious sandwiches on Artisan bread, it is fair to say it left us all licking our lips.

Have now chosen the menu, we needed to make sure that we had the right wine pairings so we go on the phone to Adrian Claridge, another of our event partners, and using his expertise we put together our drinks menu and most importantly set a competition as to who would come up with the best name for our signature cocktail.

Next came the task of arranging the entertainment. We decided to go for a DJ so that we could party the night away and started work on our ideal playlist.

With over 90% of events being judged by how good the toilet facilities are we knew we had to choose the best in the business and so the toilets were booked with our current event partners Posh Potties. Posh Potties supply exceptional luxury mobile toilets to exceptional venues and as Deckerdence is an exceptional venue it was a perfect match.

The final piece of the puzzle was the guests … you can’t have a party without any guests so we were all tasked with making a list of who we wanted to invite and Clare with her Marketing and design expertise got underway designing the invites.

So… the data had been set, the guests had been invited, the food had been ordered .. all that was left was to figure out what to wear then… it was time to party at the Vintage bus bar launch!