Unearthing the Perfect Plot for Your Deckerdence Extravaganza

While we would always recommending hosting your wedding, party or event at our events site Coleshill - because it has so many advantages for you like:

Its a beautiful tree lined multi ache field that has amble space for partaking, glamping and all everything else you might want like extra structures and an area for donkey rides (that wasn’t Andrews and sam’s wedding and then kids loved it!) 
We understand that sometimes you might need / want be closer to your home – we get it and well thats why we are mobile too! 
This part of your Deckerdence Journey doesn’t need to be daunting at all. We are on hand to guide you through finding that incredible dream location.  Here’s our top advice on finding that perfect spot In this whimsical guide, we’ll explore the key steps to discover that perfect plot where Deckerdence with our  vintage double-decked bus and enchanting marquee can unfold its magic.
Embrace the Quirkiness:
As a Deckerdence enthusiast, your heart beats to the rhythm of uniqueness. Seek out venues that appreciate and celebrate individuality.
Scout the Scenic:
A picturesque backdrop is the canvas upon which your Deckerdence masterpiece will be painted. Explore areas with scenic beauty that complements the vintage charm of your bus.
open fields surrounded by rolling hills can add that touch of magic to your event.
Accessibility Matters:
While you’re drawn to the extraordinary, ensure your chosen location is accessible for your guests. Nobody likes a treasure hunt turning into a wild goose chase!
Consider the proximity to main roads and public transportation to make it easy for everyone to join in the celebration.
Permits and Regulations:
The showstopper of any event is a hassle-free experience. Check local regulations and acquire any necessary permits to ensure a smooth and legally sound celebration.
A location that embraces the spirit of creativity and celebration will likely have more flexible regulations.
Think Beyond Tradition:
Deckerdence thrives on breaking away from the mundane. Explore unconventional spaces like
One of our favourite away from home adventures was a  marina in Southend on Sea for Heather and Jack’s Mad Hatters theme wedding. 
So practically – how do you find a that perfect spot? 
1. Can you even recall life before Google? We barely can! Google is a treasure trove for finding land for weddings and events. Explore the numerous specialised sites dedicated to this quest.

2. Facebook Community Groups 
Every community, town, and postcode area has a Facebook group these days. It’s a quick and simple way to discover local offerings, including available land. When asking, throw in a query about anyone knowing of available land – community members love to share hidden gems!
3. Town and Parish Councils 
The folks in these councils are like local knowledge superheroes. They often know everyone and everything in the area. Who knows, they might even have public land available for hire.
4. Take a drive around the area 
Take a drive around. Spot a perfect field or woodland with a clearing? Check for entrance gate signage indicating land ownership. Sometimes, the best spots are discovered on a leisurely drive.
5. Friends and family – and people you work with
Your friends, family, and work connections might hold the key. Uncle Bob’s best mate, the village farmer, might have the perfect pasture. Just ask around – you’d be surprised at the connections people have.
(& if you keeping Deckerdence a super surprise for your guests, well thats ok – just tell them your having a outdoor structure and need land – as no one is going to suspect your venue is a fabulous circular marquee with a vintage double deck bus inside 
And of course, the obvious but crucial reminder – always have permission to use the land. When Blakey, Deckerdence Director of festoon fields and generator genius comes for a site visit, we will need to see that proof. 
If time is tight and the search feels overwhelming, our outdoor expert team can take the reins and find that dream spot for you. Just drop us a line, and we’ll make the magic happen!