Top 5 reasons to choose deckerdence for your venue

Written by Clare Macleod
24 March 2020

1. Not just a venue service.

When you hire Deckerdence for your venue, you don’t simply get a venue. An event to us isn’t just about the location and the space you have, it’s about the experience you have at the start of the event when you arrive right through to the very end when everyone is leaving. We plan all the details right from where to park to tidying away at the end. Your on-site team make sure that Deckerdence is gleaming, neat and tidy throughout, everyone is safe, the sound system sounds amazing, the light up dance floor is working and that your cocktails never run out.

2. Experienced event team

When you work with us you get the expert help and guidance of a team of people that have worked on events across the UK with a wide range of people and companies, including ITV, Slimming World, Breast Cancer Care + much more. Whether you hire us for a corporate event or for a wedding, we cover every aspect of your event in microscopic detail.

3. Bespoke cocktail service

Our upstairs lounge can be turned into a cocktail bar, whiskey den, champagne parlor, or even a mocktail haven. On the day of your event, you have a mixologist upstairs and a complete bar team downstairs. The drinks really do flow all day and night. As it’s your event, you can even completely customise your drinks menus, creating your own selection, and giving them names to fit the theme of your party. There really are no restrictions, in the planning process we work closely with you to ensure that we do everything to cater for all of your requests to make your event a truly special and memorable occasion.

4. Accessibility

As Deckerdence is an outdoor mobile venue, you may wonder how we provide accessible toilets for all of your guests. Not the greatest topic to discuss, but an important one. We work with our preferred supplier of Posh Potties, they really are an invaluable resource to ensure that you have a luxurious place to powder your nose. If you haven’t checked them out, you really should.

5. Venue decoration and dressing

With any event, there is a lot of preparation that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the setup is ready for guests. Your team ensures that the car park spacing is set, the festoon lighting is on, the bar is stocked, the tables are laid, the chairs are dressed, the LED dance floor is ready for your moves and much more. After our planning sessions are complete, we have all the knowledge of who your suppliers are, who is arriving when and we are ready and waiting to complete the setup for you so that you really are just left with the one question of “what are you are going to wear?”.
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