Things To Remember To Do On Your Wedding Day

Written by Clare Macleod
24 September 2017

Tips For Your Wedding Day

So your Big Day has finally arrived. The day you have spent weeks, months, even years planning. So here are our top tips for you to get the most of one of the most memorable days of your life...

1. “Check in with the person in charge”

If you haven’t already, make sure you put someone in charge of your wedding day, (even if you do like to take charge) this is your day to enjoy what you have paid for.

You may have a number of friends that have particular strengths of organising people for photographs (collecting people that have accidentally got caught up at the bar), taking the presents and putting them in an orderly pile or running for umbrellas if mother nature decides to join the party, so make sure you play to peoples strengths and get them organised before the Big Day!.

2. Print off the schedules of the day

Leading up to this, hopefully, you will have met with and gone through all the wedding schedules with all of your vendors and will feel confident of the arrangements of the day. You will have spent a lot of time planning the finer details, from the exact timing of the cake being cut to what cocktails are going to be available for your guests. So for peace of mind, have a couple of schedules printed ‘Just In Case‘.
3. Make your guests feel loved
Your big day is a combination of a lot of thought, care, and love from all those around you. So make sure you make sure they know how much their support means to you with little thank you gifts. Take a look at “The Little Lovebird” for inspiration for your Beautiful Gifts and Gorgeous Luxury Accessories, if you are looking for something unique that can really make someone's day.
4. “Wherever you are, be all there”
All the planning is now in place, all the vendors will be working hard to your exact requirements, so with all this in mind. A lot of people talk about how their wedding passes by in a flash, so this is the time for you to absorb the moment, celebrations, bubbles, and emotions.
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