National proposal day

Written by Clare Macleod
28 February 2016

Interesting Facts about Weddings and Proposals

To celebrate the season of Love and National Proposal day in March, we thought we would enlighten you with some interesting facts about weddings…
National proposal day
According to a recent survey conducted by Davids Bridal, Most Brides aren’t surprised when their partner proposes! 57% said they were expecting it and 43% said they were surprised

22% of women would change something about how they were proposed, 20% would change the proposal speech and 14% would even change their engagement ring!

1886 saw the introduction of their now-ubiquitous prong setting. Before this design diamond rings were set in bezels. This setting is now known as the Tiffany setting where we see the stone set higher which reflects the light better

One in five Women have reserved usernames for emails etc before they were actually engaged and a further 25% of women have seriously considered it.

The majority of couples wait at least 6 months after getting engaged before they get married to the largest percentage, 40% waiting between 13-18 months to then get married.

Who would be the first person you would call after getting engaged? According to Brides, 27% of brides would call their best friends first before anyone else.

Back in the early 1900s women who had suffered a broken engagement were viewed as being ‘damaged’ and this saw a now-obsolete law called “Breach of Promise to Marry” to be enforced. This law allowed women to sue men for breaking off their engagement! Luckily by the 1930s social standards loosened and this was when engagement rings started to take on a whole new meaning – insurance!

How long do you or should you spend on planning your Wedding? 10% spend 16-25 hours a week planning whilst 19% of you split the planning evenly, the majority of the planning is one-sided. It is reported that more than 55% of same-sex couples are much more likely to divide planning responsibilities

According to, December is the most popular month to get engaged.
Whilst we are on the subject of proposals, we also wanted to know what is it about a leap year that sees Women propose instead of the men…this is what we found out…

It Is believed that the reason for women proposing on a leap year is thanks to St Bridget in the 5th Century. It follows a complaint that St Bridget made to St Patrick about the fact that women had to wait too long for their suitors to propose. St Patrick supposedly then gave women a single day to pop the question, which was granted on the last day of the shortest month. This has however been disputed. Another Story that is quite popular is that of Queen Margaret of Scotland bringing in a law that fined Men who turned down marriage proposals by their significant other on a leap year. Skeptics to this have pointed out that Margaret was only 5 years old at the time!
National proposal day
The tradition was not commonplace until the 19th Century.

A survey carried out by Nationwide Building Society showed that 1 in 20 women have said that they are planning to propose to their partner this year

It also reported that nearly one in three women surveyed said they were considering a leap year proposal. More than one in 10 said they had already asked for their partner’s hand in marriage with just 7% being turned down!

Apparently 7% percent of us ladies saw proposing on a leap year a good opportunity as they got fed up with waiting. It appears that the tradition is still going strong…Girl Power is all I say and in a society of equal rights, I am all for it!

We would like to wish all the ladies out there that are planning to propose on the 29th February 2016 the very best of luck and those that have recently got engaged our congratulations and happy planning.
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