Deckerdence Mini me

The team here at Deckerdence love meeting new people and attending wedding fairs, but even with amazing photographs and videos, it’s been tricky to really showcase all the fabulous features Deckerdence has to offer. Only on two occasions have we been lucky enough to be able to set up Deckerdence with the full wraparound marquee at a wedding fair. (One of those being at our own site in Warwickshire) – but it is very rare we are able to do this due to the host locations of most wedding fairs. For some, we are able to our beautiful vintage bus along, but then that still leaves us with the problem of not being able to showcase the awning or the full wrap around marquee. 

At the events industry trade event in London, we stumbled across a great company providing large scale outdoor WIFI. They were showcasing their offerings by use of a model of a festival site. Having a model was something we had started to consider and as we stood staring at the model – we knew for certain that we needed a Deckerdence mini-me. After some research and contact with an expert model maker (who we convinced to come out of retirement for one last project), the planning began. We knew that not only could we showcase Deckerdence with its full wrap around marquee – but a complete event set up. The Deckerdence mini-me model has been created with a scale of 1/25. The model showcases Deckerdence with the full wrap around marquee and all its amazing features including – The chesterfield chill-out lounge with fireplace – Dance floor and stage with DJ and band set up
– Our traditional table set up – complete with our favourite flowers – Calla lilies (please note the real-life Deckerdence offers different styles of furniture ) – A working bar – you can even see the beer taps on the lower deck main bar For ease of showing our upper deck cocktail lounge the roof of the model comes off completely revealing; – Deckerdence resident mixologist serving cocktails – we even have bottles and cocktail glasses. The cocktail lounge on the model is an exact replica of the real one. 
Outside of the Deckerdence marquee we have;

• Our preferred supplier for toilets Posh Potties included.

• A Commbus generator taking care of all the power on-site

• A fire pit with hay bails

• Outdoor games

• Our very own Tow Bar

• Ideal for serving welcome drinks

• Caterers within their own structure with a hog roast ready to serve And of course we have the most important thing – our lovely guests enjoying a fabulous Deckerdence event!

We will be showcasing our model at all events we will be attending and exhibiting at.