Right place, right time…

Spring Fair – Charity Events

Following on from our successful launch party in March we received a call from one of the guests asking if we would be interested in getting involved with  Charity events in Rugby for Rotary international. They loved Deckerdence and felt it would be the perfect venue for them to have as the main hub for Rotary at the annual Spring Fair.

Rotary clubs work tirelessly and volunteer their skills, time, and resources, to help make a positive difference to the lives of others. Within their local communities, the members raise funds for local good causes. Projects include organising and supervising community events, promoting the achievements of young people, helping those who are disadvantaged or disabled, coordinating educational programs, and working in partnership with local businesses and charities.

As a business we are always looking to see what we can do to help support local communities and we have worked with many other charities such as Breast Cancer Care and British Red Cross so this was an easy “Yes” decision for us and so the planning commenced.

Mark carried out his site visit to establish the suitability of the land and was able to suggest the best location in the park for us to set up Deckerdence for the charity event. The next steps were to meet with the organisers to speak to them about the finer details and get an understanding of what they wanted to achieve at the event. This is something we do with all of our clients. If helps us to know what the client wants out of the event so that we can help them to achieve it and make suggestions from our previous experiences.

As Deckerdence would be the main meeting place for Rotary it was decided for this specific event we only needed the canopy set up rather than the full wraparound marquee to make it more open and inviting. Luckily on the day, the weather was very kind to us so we didn’t need any extra shelter. Deckerdence is perfect for events like this as we can be so flexible.

We set off at 7 am to make sure we arrived on time and as I am sure you can imaging a 1967 Leyland can only go so fast!

We took pride of place in the park and we were ready and waiting for visitors. We were well place next to the MG classic car club and we had some real car enthusiasts stopping to have a look.

The bus was open serving Tea, coffee and soft drinks, there was face painting available (and no, we didn’t have ours done, apparently we were too old!) and the cocktail bar (minus the cocktails) was opened for private meetings that Rotary had organised.

The charity events was so successful we have been asked to go back next year and be the main hub once more as they felt that it was a really good talking point and created a lot of interest. Maybe next year we will have our faces painted.