Deckerdence with Side Awning

Vintage Bus Bar

& Side Awning

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Vintage Bus Bar
Traditional Bar
Cocktail Lounge
Side awning

This hire option includes the hire of Deckerdence Bus Bar with side awning, the bus is driven to your location and our team will take care of all of your bar requirements.

Marquee information

The awning marquee structure measures 8m x 6m and is fitted directly from the bus covering the window of the bar where the serving hatch is. As the awning fits directly to the bus between decks, the upstairs view is not spoiled.

Bus Bar with Side Awning
Upstairs Lounge

Our beautiful upstairs lounge gives you the perfect setting to enjoy drinks with your guests complimented with a panoramic view of your chosen location.

Downstairs Lounge

Lower deck – main bar with draft premium lager, cider and real ale. Upper deck – cocktail lounge with mixologist serving stylish cocktails.

Seating for your guests

Side Awning

Traditional Bar

We take special requests

Cocktail Lounge

Upstairs in Vintage Bus Bar

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With Expert Support

"We would not hesitate to recommend Deckerdence, its so much more than just a bar, in-face so much more than bus bar. Deckerdence brings an elegance, glamour and style with fabulous drinks for everyone to enjoy. Absolutely Terrific! Thank you"

Jo & EddyHired Deckerdence for Party

“Clare, I just wanted to thank all of the Deckerdence team for providing such a fantastic venue for Emily’s 21st party. Our Deckerdence experience last year for our 25th Wedding Anniversary was amazing but the new team led by yourself and Mark, excelled even that."

EmilyHired Deckerdence for Party
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Vintage Bus Bar & Side Awning

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