3 November 2022
Why Deckerdence is the Perfect Venue for your Hospitality Event

Eleanor Roosevelt once said; “True hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself to your guests.” And that has certainly become a motto of ours! Deckerdence is the perfect venue to entertain in style.

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24 March 2020
Top 5 reasons to choose deckerdence for your venue

When you hire Deckerdence for your venue, you don’t simply get a venue. An event to us isn’t just about the location and the space you have, it’s about the experience you have at the

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20 May 2015
Right place, right time…

Following on from our successful launch party in March we received a call from one of the guests asking if we would be interested in getting involved with Charity events in Rugby for Rotary international. They loved Deckerdence and felt it would be the perfect venue for them to have as the main hub for Rotary at the annual Spring Fair.

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