9 November 2022
Deckerdence Bus Bar, Awning and Half Marquee

We understand that sometimes there may be an occasion when you want to host a party or hospitality event at your own chosen location and the space just isn’t available for the full marquee - but you still want the essence of Deckerdence.

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3 November 2022
Why Deckerdence is the Perfect Venue for your Hospitality Event

Eleanor Roosevelt once said; “True hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself to your guests.” And that has certainly become a motto of ours! Deckerdence is the perfect venue to entertain in style.

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11 August 2020
We Make Events

As a unique mobile venue that not only hosts weddings and our own events, we provide services to many outdoor events large and small. The collaboration of companies, trade bodies, and freelancers want to highlight the dire situation in the UK events industry & fellow industry professionals are facing.

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3 July 2020
Sharing The Love From Small Woodstock Festival

We knew during the planning this was going to be an epic wedding celebration. It's been great staying in touch with them and after the wedding, they surprised us with a great feature in Rock N Roll Bride and with an amazing video.

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25 June 2020
Penny Johnson Flowers

We know how important all elements of your wedding are - but we know one of the most important is your bouquet and flowers. For our floral requirements, we always go to our highly recommended supplier: Penny Johnson Flowers.

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1 April 2020
Covid-19 situation and Deckerdence

All couples who’s weddings are affected during this time due to COVID-19 are able to move to any date they choose (providing we don’t have another booking on that date). This can be a peak date for 2021 at no extra cost.

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24 March 2020
Top 5 reasons to choose deckerdence for your venue

When you hire Deckerdence for your venue, you don’t simply get a venue. An event to us isn’t just about the location and the space you have, it’s about the experience you have at the

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6 February 2020
A mobile venue - Love the idea - but not sure on a location?

Deckerdence's most unique feature is that we are a mobile venue! We can travel and host weddings, parties, and events almost anywhere across the United Kingdom.

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6 January 2020
Wedding Events & Fairs 2020

We are super excited to announce the Wedding Events & Fairs we will attending this year. Our team will be on hand to answer all your questions and you will be able to see us set up with our Deckerdence mini-me model.

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6 November 2019
Posh Potties - Always An Essential

One of the key elements of planning any outdoor event or outdoor wedding is the Event Facilities - and many believe toilets are the most important. In fact, statistics show 90 per cent of events are judged by how good the toilet facilities are.

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2 February 2019
Wedding Fairs & Events 2019

While the skies are grey and we are wondering if the snow will fall we are dreaming of sunnier times and planning which fabulous events we will be attending this year.

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16 May 2018
Deckerdence Mini me

The team here at Deckerdence love meeting new people and attending wedding fairs, but even with amazing photographs and videos, it's been tricky to really showcase all the fabulous features Deckerdence has to offer.

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