About us

At Deckerdence, we're not your typical venue.

We’re the lively heart of creativity, where celebrations come to life. We’re passionate about crafting unique moments for weddings, parties, and events that defy the ordinary. With our vintage double-deck bus and circular marquee, we’re here to turn your dreams into unforgettable realities. Join us in the pursuit of the extraordinary!

Unique Mobile Venue

In 1967, a Leyland PD2 double-deck bus, once a humble worker in the streets of Manchester, carrying people, she underwent a spectacular transformation. The lower deck became a traditional bar, while the upper deck turned into a lavish cocktail lounge. This marked the inception of Deckerdence.

What truly sets us apart is our bespoke, custom-made marquee that seamlessly attaches to the bus, creating a one-of-a-kind vintage venue.

Deckerdence is the perfect setting for weddings, parties, and events that defy convention. Nestled in the serene North Warwickshire countryside, our beautiful site can host your event. Or as a mobile venue, we’re not bound by location. We can bring Deckerdence to you, turning any space into a unique and unforgettable wedding, fabulous party or incredible event experience.

Clare Macleod

Director of celebrations & champagne

Hey there, I’m Clare I’m the one behind the clipboard in planning and on the day at Deckerdence. The imaginative force steering the magic at Deckerdence for weddings, parties, and events.

Armed with a background in marketing, live events, and a special affinity for keeping things organised (I have to admit I do love a spreadsheet - but thats good thing as I'm your go-to guru for planning perfection.

From my early days orchestrating events for tech giants in London to calling the Midlands home for over 20 years now, I bring a wealth of experience to ensure your journey to the perfect event is nothing short of spectacular.” Hosting business to business and business to consumer events in some of the capitals best venues I learnt that every detail - no matter how small deserves the royal treatment.

Well in truth my first event I organised was out 6th form leavers ball - first time every it hadn’t been held in the school hall - and it was in a marquee at golf - so I guess you could say I have come full circle!

Just now in a truly one of a kind spectacular marquee!

Mark Clark

Director of festoon fields & generator genius

Hi, I’m Mark - but everyone knows me a Blakey. (And yes if your old enough to remember - it is a ‘On the Buses’ nickname from many years ago in coach park!

As the mastermind behind on-site setup and infrastructure at Deckerdence, I bring a wealth of experience from the live events sector, having managed productions and sites for some of the UK's grandest events.

With qualifications as an event electrician, I ensure our sites not only dazzle but also meet the highest safety and regulatory standards.

Possessing the Operators CPC in transport and logistics, along with a diverse range of driving licenses, including PCV, HGV, and FLT, I've been navigating coaches and lorries for over three decades. - Just need to add a tank licence to my list!

From international events like the G8 and EU summits to contributing to the Cultural Olympiad's The Voyage and other high-profile Arts & Cultural Festivals, you’ll normally find me on an events site!

Team Deckerdence

Supporting Deckerdence Directors are an incredible onsite team:

Beverage bliss bringers

Master mixologists

Deckerdence dogs Blyth & Maize

Backdrop builders set up crew

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Our supported charity

We have taken the pledge with Vow for Girls for help end child marriage. WE love hosting weddings

  • but weddings and marriage must be something that’s a choice by those individuals, not something forced upon in anyway.
  • WE love that our donation to the charity goes towards providing a different life for girls by supporting education

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Industry Legend Kelly Mortimer, spearheads a membership program within the wedding industry, focusing on practical business training and personal development. We’ve proudly been part of this community since it began. One of our commitments to our couples and clients is while they invest in us – we invest in us to.

Deckerdence is proud to be a part of The Power of Events (UK), a not-for-profit organization founded in 2022. Our involvement with this dynamic initiative stems from its commitment to establishing a comprehensive platform that uniquely showcases the vibrant UK events industry. At Deckerdence, we’re thrilled to contribute to and benefit from this collaborative platform that amplifies the Power of Events in the UK.