10 Step Wedding Planning Guide

Written by Clare Macleod
17 August 2017

Your 10 Step Wedding Planning Guide

As events specialists, we have run our fair share of weddings and we have made a fine art of the planning process for our clients to ensure that the day runs smoothly. So, we wanted to share our top 10 Wedding Planning tips with you so that you can make the most of the celebration, atmosphere, and bubbly.

Step 1 – Planning and scheduling is the key

On your wedding day, you will have caterers, mixologists, photographers, live bands, wedding planners, florists, to name only a few of the suppliers you may have organised for your day so the most important thing you will need to do in your planning is making sure that everybody is clear on:

a) what they are providing for you

b) what date (we know this seems obvious… but you would be surprised) and what time they need to arrive, set up and depart

At Deckerdence, we have a team of suppliers based in the Midlands and using our System we are able to manage every step of the process, creating timely schedules and action points to ensure everyone is dancing to the same song.. ‘as it were’. We can also do this, should you like to use your preferred suppliers too!

Step 2 – Know your guest numbers and guest needs

Knowing your guest numbers is a crucial part of the process, guest numbers are the crucial bit of information for some of the final details of your day, such as:

How many tables do you need & how many people fit around each table?

Table cloths – you must never forget the table cloths and also what length and colour?!

Drinks packages – your guest numbers will definitely impact how much bubbly you have and did you want to have some personalised cocktails that you and your family and friends have a soft spot for?

Additional marquees – At Deckerdence, our wedding setups usually comprise of a half wrap around marquee or full wrap around marquee depending on numbers. (see all other options). Our half wrap around marquee caters for up to 210 guests and our full wrap around marquee can cater up to 300 guests. If you have more than 300 guests we have limitless options of custom fit marquees that attach to make the Wedding space even bigger.

Step 3 – Think about your entertainment

Live bands, vocalists, or a DJ or in fact all 3, it’s important to know what entertainment you would like to get people on the dance floor or to create the atmosphere you have dreamed of. The finer details of this are, what space are they going to need to perform? Is there a dance floor? What power source and setup do they need? These are all questions we cover in our setup process, with an electrician on-site we ensure time is given for setup and sound testing.

Step 4 – Bubbly and making a personalised drinks menu

A personalised cocktail list bespoke to you and your guests' tastes, your favourite Ale on tap; a fine selection of Whiskey to keep the father-in-laws happy. These are only a few of the things that are crucial for any wedding bar. Our drinks menus have limitless flexibility, tailored specifically to your preferences with a varied selection of high-quality Cocktails, Liquors, Wines, Draught Beer, and Ales.

Included in our wedding hire is; our upstairs lounge, which can be tailored to be a cocktail lounge, a whiskey den, or a champagne parlor, a perfect setting for you and your guests to enjoy your special night. Included in our hire are bar equipment, beer pumps, straws; a wide range of high-quality glassware; a completely bespoke drinks menu; and bartenders to run your wedding bar smoothly.

Step 6 – Location planning – Our Unique Mobile Venue can travel anywhere, have you got a special place?

What’s so special about Deckerdence is that we are a bespoke mobile venue, which means that we can set up anywhere! Of course, we have to make sure the site meets the specification we need for the setup, but we conduct a full site visit of the location of your choosing to ensure that your perfect location is suitable.

So if you want to watch the sunset in the lake district or you want to look out across the beautiful English countryside star gazing then our upstairs lounge is the perfect venue.

Step 7 – Choosing the right suppliers for you

For your day to run smoothly it takes a huge team effort, one that starts from the very beginning of the wedding planning process, that runs right through until the very end. The key to choosing the right suppliers for you is initially to do your research. Look at testimonials, are there people you know who have spoken highly of the company? Request brochures, get in touch.. see how contactable they are and whether you feel their service is what you are looking for.

Secondly, it’s crucial to be completely open and honest, communication is key, so find out the best way for you both to communicate your expectations and the vision you have of your big day. Is this by phone, face to face, email, or in fact all three! Also, talk budget, suppliers can then share with you what is achievable in the budget you have, and then you can work as a team to create a memorable, unforgettable day.. on a budget!

Step 8 – Make a Pinterest board of your favourite wedding photographs and prep your photographer

Looking at Pinterest boards can really help you get inspiration for your big day, from Wedding themes, Wedding flowers to Catering Ideas. But much more than that they can also help you communicate with your suppliers the exact vision you have in your mind of how your Wedding Day will look and feel. We recommend that you create a board for each thing you need to plan, Flowers, Catering, Wedding theme ideas, Venue Decorating, Wedding Photography ideas + so many more! – check out our Pinterest board to help you with what needs planning.
Step 9 – Table arrangements and who is going to sit where?!
A seating plan is ALWAYS a good idea if you want to save a frantic battle of seats! But here are some key things to keep in mind.

Strike a balance between family & friendship groups, people do like to mingle but make sure no-one is sitting on a table with no-one they know!

Don’t have a singles table… as tempting as that may be! If you want to play Cupid.. at least try to do it discreetly.

No matter what seating plan you have, try to keep the tables closest to your top table for your family and closest friends.

Table names can be a great way of avoiding any confusion about where people need to go!

Step 10 – Prep your team in advance so that you can relax & enjoy what you have paid for
Running up to your big day, make sure you re-confirm all the details of your wedding with all of your suppliers so that everyone is fully prepared with your special day and no finer details have been missed. Once all these things are in place you can then make sure you are fully in the moment enjoying the atmosphere, bubbly and all the beautiful things you have paid for.
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